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      Home Appliances Global Supply Co.,Ltd

      Company Introduction

      Home Appliances Global Supply Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier for small household appliances, we are specializing in kitchen appliances and haircare products. All products are being sold well for Europe, Middle East, South America, USA, Southeast Asia and some neighboring countries and regions. For our good quality...


      Portable Clothes Household Clothes Lint Ball Shaver RD-777A
      Hot Sale Heavy Duty Clothes Brush Electric Lint Remover LM-666
      36W UV Lamp Light Nail Dryer for Any UV gel polish ND-702
      2017 Hot Sale Hair Styler Hot Tool One Step Hair Dryer With hot air Brush HB-370
      Facial Hair Trimmer For Women LS-912
      Professional Manufacturer Toothbrush With Case ETB-01
      Wholesale Toothbrush Head Electric Toothbrush Replaces The Brush Head Electric Toothbrush ETB-012
      Women's Hair Removal Electric Shaver Ladies Razor 5 in 1 for Legs Bikini Facial Nose Ears Eyebrows
      Hair Brush Cordless Wireless Hair Curler RHC-202
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